Symeon Nikolidakis

In this training course I learned how to develop more personal and professional skills that will be used in my daily life. The whole training was a unique experience for me. All the activities were well designed and our trainer was helpful and patient. As an adult trainer I will use the skills I gained in other trainings and at my daily touch with my adult students. We have a portfolio of activities that are relevant to the subject of the training and that are ready to be used in our field of studies. I also gained a lot from the character, the patience and the love of Milena, our trainer, for her work. So, I keep the well time management, the great knowledge level as well as the way she reflects and make comments at the group activities, with respect and love to our personality and our needs.  The ice breaking activities and the performance making activity, as well as all the workshops during the project, helped me to gain skills that every adult educator must have in order to be able to control a group and develop the activities with respect to the personality and the needs of the participants. Another important point is that we focused at the artistic process and not on the result. That helped us to live every moment of the project without being anxious and stressful for the final performance. At the final performance there is a piece of all of us and that helped us realizing how important is the participation and that collaboration in all aspects of life. Many thanks also to the project manager Vesna, for her support before and during this project, because she made her best for all of us to be satisfied and happy. From her, I gained the management expertise and the way she organizes and behaves. That professionalism and at the same time kindness is an important factor that I want to adopt in order to manage the groups better and not waste time.

Many thanks again for the opportunity you gave to me!

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