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Tools for Social Development: Once in the project, always in!

In regard with volume III, I must admit that the project met the pick of my expectations again. As an adult trainer, I gain more experience on dealing with disability in a practical way. The exchange of new ideas, options and opinions has given us the opportunity to reevaluate the way we think about classes of mixed abilities. It is worth mentioning that in latest years, creativity in typical and non-typical education has introduced a new area of study, as it can create qualified trainersmeant to meet the ongoing challenges. In this respect, new characteristics and forms of operation are attributed to education. On that project we tried to implement knowledge and experience into practice.

The construction of an online platform represents the organizers’ methodical work those years, which focuses not only on the procedure of training, but also on the results that are to be channeled. This platform will give the chance to those who search qualified trainers to be able to easily find somebody that meets their needs. Also, the Library, which functions as repository of articles, laws and links, as well as the other fields of the platform will undoubtedly help the users create a holistic vision on the subjects.  The most important part is that the participants’ opinion will be taken into account in the design of the platform. During team work, guided by our trainer, we ended up at some conclusions on how the platform must be in order to be more useful and meet the users’ needs.

In addition, the plethora of activities that took place during the project helped us develop our personal and professional characteristics in relation to the program’s subject. The way the activities were presented helped us build stable group dynamics and be able to work in a good, effective and creative way. During the workshops we had the luck to implement a huge variety of techniques used in adult education, such us brainstorming, group working, role playing, team working, questions and answers, in order to ameliorate our social interaction and conclude in the useful “tools” and techniques for mixed groups. The organizer’s idea to ensure the participation of locals from school was excellent, because we came in touch with the reality of the special education schools and the needs of trainers and students. We also learned about the conditions of special education in Serbia via the presentation prepared by the local participants, and we had a great field of discussion about the conditions in our counties in order to end up at the results. The selection of the participants, like in the previous projects, was awesomebecause all of them had previous experience and theoretical backgroundin order to meet the needs of the project. 

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