Youth Exchange ‘’Performance for a social change’’ was organized in the Vrnjačka Banja, from 21th till 28th of August 2016. Project gathered 52 participants from 10 countries.

Objectives were: to explore how creative tools and methods can provide safe learning environment where young people can work on development of their strengths and self confidence; to support young people to reconnect with their own dreams and passions and step out of their comfort zones; to create a trustful and creative space for expression of fears, anger, sadness and/or unsatisfied needs as well as to give the chance to participants for integration; reconciliation and self awareness; to develop young people with fewer opportunities competence to guide coach and accompany their peers in learning processes; to meet young people from different countries with aim to develop and share best practices, tools and methods; to get to know more about Erasmus+ Programme opportunities for young people.

Youth Exchange offered to the participants another segment for their personal Toolbox and that was Performance Making Process. We involved the participants into the artistic process while showing know how about the creative outcomes and team synergy group is able and possible to do in short period of time. We believe that through artistic approach, in this case a Theatre Performance, it is possible to obtain a learning process (personal and towards others) of each member of the group. By using Performance Making Process as a tool participants, or performers in this case, can put in practice what was developed during the project/workshops. Also, this can be a way of creating relation with external audiences from local to national and international level (video of the performance) and very nice tool to work on personal self esteem, self awareness and self confidence.


Please find below video of performance that was created during the youth exchange. This was the final product of the project ”Tools for Socila Development” and was presented in local cinema of Vrnjacka Banja where the local inhabitance get a chance to come and see the result of our participants commitment and work: