Project the Core of Leadership in Liechtenstein

Project the Core of Leadership – Erasmus+ KA1 training course for youth workers, teachers, trainers, facilitators and peer educators hosted by Symbiose Gemeinschaft in Liechtenstein, from 15-24th June 2018.
What is power?
What is the source of power?
What is your source of power?
What does leadership mean to you?
How do you take leadership in your own life?
What is your source of motivation, courage and strength to take a stand?

The Core of Leadership training course aims to explore these questions in experimental, in-body and embodied ways. Building on ancient oriental martial art practices (such as Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan and Lu Kung Fu), on the dynamics of leading and following in Tango Argentino, as well as on experiencing trust and full concentration through climbing, combining experiential learning with the theoretical framing of Theory U and Deep Democracy, The Core of Leadership is a unique opportunity to develop your qualities as an authentic leader on all walks of life.

The Core of Leadership training aims to explore qualities that can support the emergence of a sustainable and collaborative society of empowered citizens. The experiential learning process of the course is designed in a way that connects individual practice with societal engagement, personal change with local and global transformation.

People to People Serbia is partner organization on the project, together with other organizations from: Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria and Latvia.

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