Petar Đorđević

Erasmus+ is a really great thing. It’s almost impossible to go back home without bunch of emotions, and to come back as a same person. But, there is no project which will happen twice, every project is unique with one group of people.

Personally I didn’t know what to expect from this project. Then I came here and I reminded myself about one rule from physics that I would like to emphasize: Every action has reaction.

Day by during the training course day we become more and more connected. I don’t see participants here as a group of people. We became as one. No prejudices no stereotypes, no boundaries… Sessions, all activities are so smooth, soothing, comforting. It will be hard to go home. It is going to feel like I miss part of me.  But, at least I learned and I will know how to fight my own fights in the future. Take your main goal and focus on people around you.

When we act like one we are limitless. I will stop thinking that I am not strong enough, not fast enough, not tall enough. I will never stop dreaming.

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