Emi Chris

A wonderful experience – I’ve never been part of a similar project, for me it was the first time, everything started with the desire to learn new things about people with disabilities. At the beginning it seemed strange to me everything, every exercise. But in the end I understood everything. Everything we did had very important sense. In some ways, we have grown up, we are more mature we are ready for the next step. Each exercise was special, we worked every time to learn about ourselves but also how we should act with others, how we welcome them into our life in our society.

Everything was fantastic, we worked in groups and then on our own, we learned to create a very special connection between us, and a very special connection with ourselves….we felt affection, friendship, love and the meaning of life.

The best thing was that group was mixed. I could say now with certainty that people with disabilities are much stronger in life. It was a real pleasure to be part of this special project.

And to meet wonderful people!

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