Elma Sulejmanagić

Empathy, team work and patience on my opinion are the main things in private and professional life of one person. We are not born with those specifications, but we need to learn them through life. I entered this project with interest of creating myself as a best professional as I could be. As days of the training course were passing by, the more I realized how much actually I have learned actually not knowing I was learning at the time. Through all workshops we have done, I have found my inner peace and build myself as stronger person. While talking with other participants, we discussed about our professional work and background, and we shared ideas about the future. Our beloved trainer showed us how to be a great leader, how to organize big group of people and to include everyone in everything we are doing. After this training course, I will be capable to lead groups in a different, better way then before. But except being a leader, I learned how to give and, even more important, take critics. Now, I made a better order in my head about information I have about people with disability.

I am  happy for having a chance to be part of this programme.

Sending love to all of you! 🙂

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