Angela Mitreska

Be a Human not a Person

Whenever I choose to go on some project, training or seminars I always choose something about the economy, management, marketing. But this time I thought maybe it is time for some different decision. It was Wednesday night and a colleague from my university texted me and asked me to be a part of something I’ve never been. When I saw the topic of this project “Tools for social development” human rights for people with disabilities,  I knew that I have to be part of something special like this project. It was different from all the projects I have ever worked and I knew it that these amazing humans will have the help of it and actually that was the beauty of this project. I want to learn new things and how I can help these amazing humans who really need help. Maybe for me and the other participants will be just a few days working on a topic that will be helpful for them, but for someone would mean a chance to live a better life. I am really glad that I have had this chance to be part of something like this project. Now I step closer to these wonderful humans.

One of the things that I liked the most of this project was that all participants opened their hearts and worked with big motivation. Everyone was discussing and giving brilliant ideas with the intention to help the people with disabilities to have better education, jobs and most important to have a better life. Maybe with a project of a few days, we can’t change the world and reality, but we did something, we did an important step.

One of the most important things that I learned on this project is that this world needs more projects like this one. Don’t be a selfish person give your hand to someone who needs your help. Because at the end of the day having or not having disabilities we are all humans. Be a human, not a person…

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